Incentive Travel

Studies have proven time and time again that incentive travel helps with employee retention, promotes team building, and encourages employees to reach higher tier sales and production goals. It's the perfect way to thank your top employees for their hard work! 100 Palms truly believes in the effectiveness of incentive travel and has a simple and streamlined process in place from the research to the arrival stage. You owe it to your business to work with someone who will cater to your every need and make this experience both rewarding and motivating for your employees. Don't go it alone when you have a professional who will take care of you from start to finish.


So what sort of reward do you have in mind for your employees? 
Are you thinking of a week in Tuscany enjoying fine wines and taking a pasta making class or a River Cruise down the Danube?
Maybe it's an all inclusive resort and lots of time lounging at the beach or perhaps you've decided on a private yacht and your own skipper that will take you to any Caribbean island your little hearts desire?



In addition to the execution of research and travel, we will also assist with planning private events. Options may include welcome cocktail parties and farewell brunches or an award ceremony. Your group can come together with activities like private tours, wine and cheese tastings or a scavenger hunt. We can also arrange meeting space if you want to include some in-destination training or bring a motivational speaker. Contact us for assistance with your next group - the possibilities are endless!